Velvet Ropes

Gawk at the luxuriousness of celebrity estates and catch stars at LA's trendiest hot spots

Velvet Ropes is a revolutionary development combining celebrity homes, hot spots and sightings into one easy-to-use app for people who love all things celebrity. Velvet Ropes was created to fill a massive void - an easy way to navigate celebrity homes, find celebrity hot spots and report & search real-time celebrity sightings! There are four "Star Maps" being sold in Los Angeles alone claiming to be "updated regularly", but we found all 4 maps have completely different addresses for the same person in many cases - not to mention how out-dated paper maps are. Velvet Ropes is the only digital "Star Map" and the only source truly updated regularly that you can depend on for only the best information about your favorite celebrities.

After beta launching Velvet Ropes in September, we soft launched the website in November of 2016. We're doing our best to get all the major bugs out the web application before embarking on launching the Android and iOS apps. Drop us a line in our contact form if you have feature suggestions or if something is not working as expected!

Celebrity Homes

Search for your favorite celebrity's home, navigate directly to it, check-in once there, post your own photos to the home profile, and enjoy all the exclusive images of the lavish homes lived in by your favorite people!

Celebrity Hot Spots

Hot spots are hidden all across Los Angeles, and we’ve got the juicy details to get you there! Everyone enjoys spotting a celebrity, so when deciding where to have lunch or where to hit the club, Velvet Ropes' Hot Spots are the real deal!

Celebrity Sightings

There is no greater rush for those of us who are celebrity obsessed than actually seeing a celebrity! That's why we created Celebrity Sightings. When you spot celebrities shopping, in the parking lot or even having dinner, report it on Velvet Ropes to share the joy with us all! (Just don't be a nuisance, they are people too!)

Screens and views for phones, tablets, laptops and, when needed, desktops


I’m just linking all the exported static screens from Sketch (there’s a plugin that makes this process a pleasure, including every next design update). I’m just drawing squares on screens, defining actions on them and linking to other screens. That’s the first thing that people can lay their hands on.

It becomes a medium for further communication of design changes, because tools like Marvel and InVision allow for collaboration, user-testing, it’s recording and a lot of other cool stuff.

Framer.js prototypes

Any custom interactions that might play an important role in how the app is structured (e.g. a very specific navigation for a specific type of content that defines the layout) should be tested, preferably in a short period of time and low cost. Plus there are performance issues. This is where tools like Principle or Framer (although, there are many more) come in very handy.

With that done, I can talk to developers.

You can play in browser with the one above here and another one here