First Agenda

Meetings made productive

The average employee spends 37% of their work time in meetings. When those meetings are ineffective, that adds up to a lot of wasted time and money.

At FirstAgenda, we have taken a stand against unproductive meetings by developing the digital meeting solutions Prepare and Assistant. Our focus is to optimize all stages in the process of preparing for, organizing and following up on meetings.

The early days

I joined the team in mid 2016 when there already was a web and an iPad app called Prepare that managed the basics of preparing before the meeting and collaborating after: meeting dates, attendees, attachments and documents, document comments and notes.

It's a meeting page in Prepare app on an iPad, early 2016. The web counterpart was identical and had the same functionality.

At that moment First Agenda already had 30K active users in 400 organisations across Scandinavia wich amounted to 10K monthly meetings. Now First Agenda wanted to provide a tool for when you were in a meeting - Assistant.

I've been designing with the iPad app in mind, but we never got around to updating it while I was on the project.

I started with Assistant, but later when we figured out the basic functionality and had a working prototype we started to think of it as a part of a one whole product and I was responsible for the UI/UX of it.

First Agenda received $17 Mill at some point after we rolled out our early version of Assistant and overhauled Prepare on the web. I continued to move the design towards a finished product.