Hey, my name is Eugene

I’m a Ukrainian Product Designer focusing on design systems and experiences for digital products. Based in Warsaw, Poland. Currently at Shoplo, aquired by SumUp.


Its started out as a hobby when I got into print design and typography. So, I took a course in graphic design and learned the basics of color, composition, typography, and how to apply it in branding. Then at some 2013-2014 I got obsessed with Web Design and took a quick course on Treehouse. Shortly after that I started doing it for a living, but over the course on the next few years I gradually transitioned into doing just UI/UX. I realised I could create more value when I spent more time doing that.

Now I'm thinking through design systems and designing experiences for large scale products.

I've been a freelancer since 2014 and so far I've been mostly working with startups in Europe and the US.

My approach

I enjoy good design in all its forms and try to bring it into my life and work. To me simplicity and functionality are the most important qualities in digital experiences. And, of course, there must be a human element to it, so when the most important qualities are in place I try to make the experience delightful as well.

I apply motion in interaction design. It helps make the experience intuitive and, therefore, creates more potential for the design to be used and provide value. For a more detailed insight into how I do what I do here's a post about My Workflow.

I can humbly do what is needed for the project at any given moment, but I'm always concerned with a reason behind it. Recently, increasingly so. Knowing the reason and having a good one just helps me sit down to work. Also, it's probably the only way to do good design.

I am a designer, but I do a bit of coding as well. I am familiar with CSS/SASS, HTML and basic JS for interactions and prototyping. I've done a great deal of prototyping in Framer. And I am most comfortable working alongside developers.

In my free time

I'm learning to make music. This is something I never thought I would do, but thanks to technology and good design everyone with a phone or a tablet can make a beat and layer a simple melody on top. I love doing that.

I read with particular interest about evolution, integral theory, human interaction, psychology, common good, sustainable future, happiness, friendship, health and longevity. Occasionally, I read fiction.

I have an unintentional habit of taking pictures and I've yet to find out what to do with them after they've been taken and edited.

Cooking. I enjoy the process and the sharing. Also, I thought, since I'm gonna have to eat for the rest of my life, why not learn how to make a delightful meal.

Cycling. It just brings me joy. Bicycle is my main means of transportation.