Info about how this site is built and hosted

This is not my first personal website. After a few years of having one that I updated maybe 2 or 3 times in a year I realized what I had was a bit of an overkill.

My previous website was made on Wordpress and hosted on Mediatemple which cost me 20$/month + 15$/year for the domain + throwing in 50$/year Typekit subscription, which is optional, but it was the case.

So, I was paying around $300 a year for something that was nice to have, but optional, since I was getting my jobs on Upwork or from my previous clients and their connections.

I needed a better solution – a simple website that would serve my needs long-term, one that would be easy to update with new content once it was set up, and a cheap one.


I made it using a static site generator called Hugo - speed, security, simplicity. Nice blogging framework, but requires a bit of coding.


I'm hosting it on Github Pages straight from a repository on GitHub for free.


Typeset in Runda. It has the clarity and confidence that I think compliments my work. Once my Typekit subscription ends I'll just invest in 2 weights of the font if I decide to stick with it.

The result

15$/year for somewhere to host my case studies and general info. Fajnie.