A booking system to hire domestic services from reliable professionals and companies

Domesting is a web based platform that connects users to commercial and residential cleaning companies. The platform allows users to find and book services for domestic cleaning, cleaning of communities, offices, commercial premises, garages, and just about every other kind of cleaning and sanitation.

I was at Domesting for about 6 months from almost the very beginning doing everything: branding, UI/UX, front-end, print, etc. Just like it often happens in startups we were all trying to help the team succeed in every way we could.

It was a team of 3 people: Pablo the CEO, Carlos the CTO and me. We were working hard trying to develop and then improve on our MVP to be ready for our first customers and investors.

The challenge for me was just the sheer amount of work that needed to be done while keeping the quality at a reasonable level.

I moved on some 6 month later when the foundation was laid and it was now time to raise money, invest into marketing and expand the client base. Some time after that Domesting raised 500,000 euros in funding.

Domesting has grown and improved quite a bit since I left and is now currently functioning in all of Spain.