Velvet Ropes

Gawk at the luxuriousness of celebrity estates and catch stars at LA's trendiest hot spots

Velvet Ropes is a digital multi-platform star map and a regularly updated source that you can use to learn about your favorite celebrities.

Velvet Ropes was created to fill a void - an easy way for people who love all things celebrity to navigate Hollywood for celebrity homes, hot spots and sightings that are combined in a one easy-to-use app.

How it started

I joined in spring 2016 for a little under a year and was responsible for all design and direction.

The app is made very simple and is comprised of 5 sections that are identical across devices and platforms:


Search for your favorite celebrity's home, navigate directly to it, check-in once there, post your own photos to the home profile, and enjoy all the exclusive images of the lavish homes lived in by your favorite celebrities.

The most important and used flow of the app



There is no greater rush for those of us who are celebrity obsessed than actually seeing a celebrity! That's why we created Celebrity Sightings. When you spot celebrities shopping, in the parking lot or even having dinner, report it on Velvet Ropes to share the joy with us all! (Just don't be a nuisance, they are people too!)

Hot Spots

Hot spots are hidden all across Los Angeles, and we’ve got the juicy details to get you there! Everyone enjoys spotting a celebrity, so when deciding where to have lunch or where to hit the club, Velvet Ropes' Hot Spots are the real deal!


The mobile app

As for the iOS app, the whole point of having a dedicated device app is to make use of the devices' capabilities to provide the most comfortable experience.

As an exploration we tried to do a dark mode on celebrity profiles to visually separate them from home profiles and it stuck with us.

Design process

I made a collection of UI elements that was shared between platforms, although we had some icons and buttons that were unique to each platform.

As always I did my best to ensure the consistency and order of the user interface.

Celebrity homes and celebrity profiles designed to work on all screen sizes.

We wanted to make sure the app also feels special and interesting, so we allowed ourselves to move away from the iOS UI design conventions. Of course, I did my best to make sure the app is comfortable to use and tested for it with a static screen prototype in Marvel app.

The results

Only the web app got fully implemented and functional, but the mobile apps never made it to their dedicated app stores due to the lack of funding, I suppose. When the hardest part of the planned design and implementation process was done I stuck around for a bit more and moved on keeping track of the progress at Velvet Ropes, but sadly it didn't seem to catch much attention at all.