Wiredrive Go

Cloud content management on iPhone and iPad

Wiredrive is a cloud content management and collaboration solution for marketing and production teams.

I was called in to revamp the iOS apps and tasked to mainly focus on the UX and make sure the iPhone and the iPad app function perfectly. I just followed Apple's design guidelines and made all designs very close the those of iOS system apps.

How it started

There already were functioning apps on both iPhone and iPad, but they were lacking in good UX and aesthetic of the interface.

Previous version of Wiredrive Go

The process

So we started with the key view and flows on iPhone to improve the navigation and understand how complex the UI is going to get.

Those Balsamiq designs were pretty close to the final thing, since I didn't have to bother about the fancy stuff, so I only had a few drafts for this project.

I loaded the first draft into InVision so we could test and see where it needs to be tweaked. Then I did the second draft and loaded it into InVision. The second one was final.

Once the iPhone was done I moved on to the iPad app and which was pretty much the same thing. It was important that the iPad app was ready for the split screen, especially since Wiredrive is a file management collaboration tool.

After I handed off the designs Wiredrive layered their identity on top and released the app.