I’m a Freelance Designer currently focusing on UX/UI for mobile and web. I enjoy good design in all its forms and try to bring it into my life and work. To me simplicity and functionality are the most important qualities in digital experiences. Still, I believe there must also be a human element to it. That's why illustration and art direction have been of great interest to me recently. I'm going to introduce that into my works over time.

Skills & Services

  1. Product Design

  2. User Interface Design

  3. Interaction Design

  4. Prototyping

  5. Digital Art Direction

  6. Consulting

  7. Concept Work

  8. Branding & Identity


  1. Outlining the problem
  2. Ideation, sketching
  3. Wireframes, flows
  4. First designs
  5. Prototypes
  6. Production designs
  7. Collecting data
  8. Iteration


  1. Working on this site
  2. Open for freelance work
  3. Reading A Brief History of Everything by Ken Wilber
  4. Figuring out Framer
  5. Cycling… a lot